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Policy Statement



We attempt here to define clearly A Children's Place Montessori's policies in some of the most common areas of concern to both parents and staff members. Open communication between parents and members of our staff is essential to meeting your child's needs. Please read this Policy Statement and discuss with us any concerns you may have.


The parent is required to complete a Reservation Form, Enrollment Application, Parent Contract, Payment Agreement, Food/Discipline Policy, Over the Counter Medication Permission/Permission to Review License Notebook Form, Annual Field Trip Permission Slip, and an Emergency Sheet, which authorizes us to seek emergency medical care. The child must also have a completed Immunization Record and a Physical Form signed by a doctor. The physical is due no later than two weeks after a child's initial attendance, unless arrangements are made. This form must be updated every two years.



Children's Place is licensed for children ages 2½ through 6 years.



Children's Place will be open from 7:00 A.M. to 5:30 PM or 6:00PM each day, Monday through Friday with vacation breaks in December, February and April, following the Farmington Hills School calendar. A calendar with specific dates will be provided. The academic school year will begin and end with the Farmington Hills school calendar. We do provide vacation care during the school breaks if five (5) or more children need care, but the school will be closed (no care available) on New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Cleaning Weeks near the end of August, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the previous Wednesday and following Friday, and Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year's Day and one Staff Development day to be determined.



Our summer program is optional for students attending Children’s Place and their siblings. We usually have three 3-week sessions during the summer. During the summer, tuition is based on attendance. You do not pay for days your child does not attend. Because of this, it is essential that you sign your child in and out. If you do not sign in and out consistently, you will be charged for the days you do not sign in. In addition to tuition, there is a registration fee of $45. The school is open the same hours, but the daily schedule includes more outdoor activities than the academic year. We are closed for cleaning two weeks before the start of the academic school session. Care may available during the first week (cleaning week), and is usually available the second week, the four days before the Labor Day holiday.



In addition to scheduled closings for holidays, Children's Place will also close due to inclement weather (snow) when the Farmington Hills Schools close. Please listen to your local radio or television for information on school closings. Should the public schools close due to extreme cold affecting children waiting for busses, we will not close as this does not affect our children. Snow days are built into the annual tuition schedule. However, should Children’s Place close for more than three (3) days per academic year for inclement weather, you will be compensated. Compensation will be allowing your child to attend the summer program free of charge for the number of excess days.



A non-refundable registration fee of $225.00 is required at the time of enrollment. (See Parent Information for what this includes). The tuition payments are due on the 25th of the previous month. Payments are payable through the 10th of the month. Any payments received after the 10th will be considered late and subject to a $25.00 late fee. Because our program and licensing regulations require us to hire staff based on the number of children enrolled, we cannot give tuition refunds for days your child is absent. Any time a child is disenrolled, his/her place may be filled by someone on the waiting list. In order for the child to be re-enrolled, an opening will have to be available and a new application made with the required registration fee.

Generally speaking, Children's Place is not equipped to handle children who are physically or emotionally impaired. Acceptance will be at the discretion of the teacher and director.

The child must be at least 2½ years old and toilet trained to be enrolled at Children's Place. With very young children, a copy of a birth certificate may be required.

After the above requirements are met, and based on available space, a child shall be enrolled without regard to race, creed or national origin.



Inasmuch as Children's Place closes at 5:30 P.M., late charges will be assessed for every 15 minutes or fraction thereof that a child is left beyond that time per the Payment Agreement unless the child is enrolled in late pickup (See Schedule of Fees). The clock in the foyer will be used to determine fees. Should you arrive after your child's scheduled pick up time, you will be asked to sign a Late Pick Up book. If you do not pay at that time, you will be billed.



We would appreciate your informing us anytime your child is going to be absent and when s/he is expected to return. A quick phone call is appreciated.




There is a small plastic container located on the file cabinet in the office for your payments. Receipts will be sent via email if you need them. If you need monthly receipts, please let Karen know and they will be delivered to your email when your check is processed. We now have a debit or credit payment option available. The charge for credit payment is 3% of the transaction amount.



If your child will be absent for a month or more, you may reduce your tuition and pay half the required tuition for the time absent. This will reserve your child’s space when you return. This option is available with monthly payments only. There is no reduced tuition for extended absences with the quarterly payment plan.



The registration fee of $225 includes the following: cost and transportation for two off campus field trips, cost of three or four in school field trips, one uniform shirt with Children’s Place logo, one pair of indoor rubber soled shoes for school use, school parties throughout the year, performances, feasts (Mother’s & Father’s Day, Thanksgiving) extracurricular classes materials (language, music & yoga, art), celebrations (Diwali, Grandparent’s Tea), a Montessori parent education booklet and workshop, and enrollment paperwork. Gymnastics, dance and piano classes are optional and at additional cost. Payment of the registration fee will secure your child’s position in Children’s Place and it is not refundable.



A deposit of ½ month’s tuition is required and will be used for your June tuition payment. This deposit is required to secure your child’s position in Children’s Place and is refundable if your child does not begin school in the fall. After the start of school, it may be used for tuition payments only. Should you need to leave mid-year, it may be used for your last month’s tuition through April. If you withdraw from school in May, you will be obligated to pay ½ of the regular tuition through the end of the school year (mid June). Your deposit will be used to pay a portion of those charges.


TAX CREDIT Under a federal tax bill, most families can save 20 % of their children's tuition at our school. For details on eligibility and filing procedures, contact the IRS. You will require our tax ID number which is 38-2619953 and our address, 32175 Folsom Rd. Farmington Hills, MI 48336.




While we will attempt to work through any difficulties that may arise during the school year, there are times that it is best for both the child and the school to disenroll. Causes for disenrollment are:

1) A child who has developmental problems that cause him/her to harm other children or to disrupt the program at Children's Place will be disenrolled.

2) Failure of the parent to pay tuition and fees will result in disenrollment.

3) A child who has repeated toileting problems will be encouraged to disenroll until such time as sufficient progress in this area is evident to warrant re-enrollment.

4) A parent who is habitually tardy in picking up the child will be asked to seek other care arrangements.

5) A child that has had five (5) discipline incidents (see below) will be asked to seek other care arrangements.

If the child is disenrolled by Children's Place for reasons 1, 3, or 5, the parent will be given one month to make other child care arrangements.

If the child should be withdrawn by the parents, Children's Place must be given one month's notice prior to withdrawal. If Children's Place is not given the stipulated month's notice, the parent is obligated to pay the equivalent tuition fee and the deposit (1/2 month’s tuition) will be forfeited.



Members of Children's Place staff shall use positive methods of discipline which encourages self-control, self-direction, self-esteem, and cooperation among the children.

Staff members shall not use hitting, shaking, biting, pinching or corporal punishment as a form of punishment.

A child shall not be deprived of meals, snacks, rest or necessary toilet use as a type of discipline.

No child shall be confined in an enclosed area.

Non-severe discipline or restraint may be used when reasonably necessary, based on the child's development, to prevent a child from harming himself or herself, or to prevent a child from harming other persons or property excluding those forms of punishment mentioned in this statement.

Children’s Place is committed to giving our children a safe, secure environment. We will maintain a discipline log should an incident occur. Normal discipline matters (running in class, "forgetting" to come in from the playground, misuse of materials, etc) will be dealt with during the day. However, intimidation cannot and will not be tolerated. The discipline log explaining the situation will be shared with the parent and if the bullying behavior cannot be eliminated, the child will be asked to leave the school after the fifth (5) incident. In addition, if your child intentionally breaks any school materials, it will be your responsibility to replace them.

A discipline policy explaining in detail our methods of discipline will be provided.



Parents are expected to provide transportation to and from Children's Place and to be responsible for seeing the child into the building and taken to a staff member, and coming in for him or her when they leave each day.



Children's clothes are very much alike in looks and sizes and need to be clearly marked with the child's full name. We urge you to consider washable and comfortable play clothes which the child can manage him/herself as much as possible. Because the children will spend a part of each day outdoors, they also need to be dressed according to the weather conditions. It is a good idea to include a cardigan/sweatshirt for use in the spring and fall.



Items that are not labeled will be put in a basket in the front foyer. The basket will be emptied monthly. Please look for your lost items in that basket. If you label your child’s clothing, it will be returned to his/her cubby.



It is our policy to follow the state regulation requiring an outdoor time for all children every day, weather permitting. We will not go out if it is raining, or if the temperature, including wind chill, drops below 25. Please dress your child accordingly. During winter, the children will need snow pants, gloves or mittens, a hat, boots and a warm coat in order to go outside. Unless there is a medical reason for your child to remain indoors, please plan on an outdoor recess every day. If your child must remain indoors for 3 days or more, we must have a doctor’s note indicating the medical reason.





Children's Place will provide mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks as outlined in our Food Policy. Children should bring their own lunches. We have a refrigerator and microwave available for your convenience. Lunches are stored in bins in the eating area of the multipurpose room (MPR). All food must be dated. Children’s Place will provide a laminated tag for your child’s lunch box for you to date with a dry erase marker. Everything left in the box will be considered dated. Anything removed from the box must be labeled dated individually. Items requiring refrigeration may be put in the bin in the MPR refrigerator labeled "Cold Lunches". Items requiring refrigeration prior to microwaving must be placed in the bin labeled "Microwave" in the MPR refrigerator. There is also a bin in the refrigerator for 4:00 snack. As our refrigerator space is limited, we ask that you place only those items requiring refrigeration in the refrigerator. Please send beverages in containers appropriate for your child, sippy cups are not appropriate for children older than 2 years of age. We encourage you to send nutritious food for your child's mid-day meal. We will strongly encourage children to eat 1/2 of the main course (i.e. 1/2 sandwich, 1/2 thermos of soup) before eating the other items you may pack. Candy is not appropriate for lunch. While we understand that some children are picky eaters, it is not our policy to feed the children. We do not believe that it is in the child’s best interest to spoon feed them after they have finished eating. We do not serve breakfast; however, if your child arrives between 7:00 and 8:00, and you provide a breakfast, s/he may eat it at school. If your child arrives after 8:00, please arrange for him/her to eat at home.



Children’s Place offers chicken/veggie nuggets on Wednesday and pizza on Friday. Both lunches include a fruit and vegetable. The meals are served family style with a serving dish on each table. The children may eat as much as they wish and are encouraged to serve themselves. The charge per week is $3 for one meal, $5 for both. Payment may be made in $20 increments and will be retained to pay for the meals. We will alert you when your account falls below $5.



There will be a quiet time in the afternoon for all children. Children that nap regularly can sleep in the gym from 1:15 – 2:45. Children that rest (and nap occasionally) rest between 1:15 - 2:00 and then have class from 2:00 to 3:30. Kindergarteners and children that are classers will have a rest time from 12:45 – 1:00 where they will enjoy listening to a chapter of a book. They will attend class from 1:00-3:30.

One small blanket should be sent to school with your child to use at nap time. All nap items must fit into a small bag we will supply for your child to use at school. Over sized nap items will be sent home. Kindergartners and classers do not need blankets. All blankets will be sent home for laundering twice a month or more often, if necessary.



Parents are asked to help the child understand that it is not wise to bring toys or other things s/he may not wish to share with the group. The Children's Place cannot be responsible for the loss or damage to any personal possessions children bring to school.



Field trips are considered an integral part of the educational program and will be taken periodically. With support of parents, Children's Place will provide more than adequate supervision at the field trip site. You will be informed of the event and we require a signed annual permission slip listing the planned trips. Parents are encouraged to join us on the field trips, however, parents must pay the field trip fee, unless they volunteer to chaperone children. Chaperones will be required to obtain a Central Registry Clearance. Typically, they must supervise three children. We will use Detroit Bus Company this year. It has busses with seat belts. A portion of your registration fee is used to pay the cost of the transportation and the field trip.



Photographs of children participating in A Children's Place programs may be taken from time to time and may appear in newspapers, magazines, brochures, our website or other publicity materials. Your permission for photographs including your child to be so used without compensation is a part of this agreement. The candid photos we take during the school year will be available to you when we are no longer using them. If you do not want your child’s image on our Facebook page or website, please let us know immediately.



Parents are encouraged to visit the school at any time. We believe that strong parent interest and involvement are essential to excellence in any early education program. We urge you to consult with your child's teacher whenever any significant problems regarding your child arise either at home or at school. If you do not have an opportunity to talk with us on such occasions, please send an e-mail or a note along to explain the situation. Any help you can provide which will allow us to understand your child better will be appreciated. In addition, we seek your active involvement as parents in the school's program, particularly following your child's progress. We strongly encourage you to participate in formal individual parent-teacher conferences we will schedule during the year. Even more important, we encourage you to take advantage of opportunities for daily contact with the teachers. We want your contribution of ideas and donated materials for school programs.



Classes for parents will be scheduled in the autumn. Before school begins, a parent meeting will be scheduled to allow you to meet all the staff members and ask any remaining questions you may have. A short review of the Montessori philosophy will also take place. Later in the fall, we will have a meeting to discuss the booklet "A Parent’s Guide to the Montessori Classroom." This is a more comprehensive look into the Montessori curriculum. The cost of the booklet and class is covered by your registration fee. Again, later in the fall, our Discovery Night will take place. This is an opportunity for parents to come into the classroom and work with the materials to "discover" how concepts are demonstrated to their children. If there is sufficient interest, a second class discussing "A Parent’s Guide to the Montessori Classroom" will be scheduled during the winter. We also offer a Parenting Class based on Chick Moorman’s book Parent Talk presented by two Montessorians trained by Mr. Moorman. There is addition charge for this workshop.



Show and tell gives your child an opportunity to practice public speaking. We encourage you to help your child choose the items s/he brings in. Take some time to discuss the item with your child and suggest things to point out to the class. Please have your child rehearse his/her presentation which should include at least three points of interest. Items appropriate for show and tell are: things of scientific interest, items purchased on vacation, especially if it can add to your child's description of the vacation, items made by your child at home or items made by other family members, photographs of special events, and favorite books (don't forget to label). Toys are not appropriate for show and tell and we strongly encourage you to leave them at home. A calendar to schedule your child’s show and tell day will be on the door of each classroom.



State regulations require us to maintain a medical record on each child and for the child to have a physical examination within the twelve months prior to his/her admission to the school. The medical records form is to be filled out by you and your family doctor and returned to us when the child begins attending school. If your child develops any of the following symptoms while at school, the child will be isolated from the other children in the office. One of the parents will be called and asked to take the child home as soon as possible, preferably within one hour.

- A temperature of over 99 degrees (oral)

- Intestinal disturbance by diarrhea or vomiting

- Any undiagnosed rash

- Sore or discharging eyes or ears, profuse nasal discharge

If the child has been exposed to any contagious disease such as whooping cough, German or regular measles, mumps, chicken pox, diphtheria, or scarlet fever, or if s/he has diagnosed as having lice or impetigo, s/he should be kept home. The fact of the condition should be reported to the school as soon as possible

If your child needs to be given medication, our staff can administer it only if the following requirements are met:

    1. Medication must be in the original bottle with prescription intact.

2. A written request containing the following information:

- The child's name

- The date

- The name of the medication (the technical name)

- The amount to be given

- The time for it to be given

- Parent's signature

In the event of a medical emergency or accident, we will first attempt to contact the parents and the child's own physician. Should parents or physician not be available, we would avail ourselves of services of the hospitals near us, if required, in an emergency. Part of this policy is your authorization for Children's Place to contact your family doctor and to take whatever emergency medical measures are deemed necessary for the care and protection of your child enrolled at Children's Place.



If your child is injured in an accident during the day or requires first aid, you will be notified by email. In addition, you will be given a paper report when you arrive and are asked to sign the permanent Accident Reports book in the gym. If the injury is more significant or involves a head injury, you will be contacted by phone. For illness or incidents, you will be contacted by phone.



We have tricycles for the children. If you wish, you may send a helmet for your child to wear while riding. Children’s Place Montessori does not provide helmets.



The state requires that we notify parents in two different ways if we intend to spray for insects. You will receive a notice via email and a sign will be posted on the door as you enter and exit the school.



Children’s Place encourages good health habits by scheduling routine hand washing after bathrooming and before eating and encouraging all the children to wash hands after sneezing, coughing or blowing their noses. It is our policy to sanitize the equipment periodically and remove equipment if we observe the children placing it in their mouths.



It is our policy to release your child only to the parents. If someone other than the parent is to pick up the child, we must have prior notification, the person must be listed on the emergency card and unless the person is known to us, s/he must show picture identification. Since the responsibility of caring for your child weighs heavily on us, it is our policy not to release any child to anyone, including a parent, who shows any evidence of having consumed alcohol or drugs until proper law enforcement authorities have been called and we are assured that there is no danger to your child. Should this procedure cause delay in your child's departure, applicable late fees will be charged.



The DHS regulations require that we keep a record of your child’s hourly attendance.

You must sign your child in and out everyday in the book in the front hall.


A Children's Place Montessori Center of Farmington Hills has attempted through these pages to outline its duties and responsibilities, concerns and expectations as well as your obligations as parents of an enrolled child. As a parent, you can expect that we will adhere to all state and community licensing rules regarding fire and safety precautions as well as health, sanitation and adult staffing requirements. We will do our best to provide your child with a program of education to suit his/her needs and a physical environment in which they can feel both secure and free to grow. Toward achieving these ends, we encourage and welcome your comments and suggestions, and extend our sincere thanks for your cooperation in these efforts.





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